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Regenerative Design for a Living World

Our world has been changing rapidly in ways that cut to the core of our own wellbeing. Everyone has a role to play in transforming our places of living, one step at a time, to contribute to a regenerative future. Since 2008, SHED (Strategic, Healthy, Ecological Design) has been working closely with families, businesses, and communities, to field test the most cutting-edge solutions for transition within the built environment.

We aim to support our clients in strategically planning, designing and building their projects, with a view to providing safe, comfortable, healthy, and adaptable spaces, in which to host all of life’s most ordinary and extraordinary moments. At the same time, SHED considers how the action of individuals, businesses, and developers can contribute to local, regional and national agendas for the United Nations' sustainable development goals, climate change mitigation, as well as decarbonization of the built environment.

Through our integrated design and delivery approach, we consider how to redesign shelter, neighbourhoods, communities, and regionalized economies, to the benefit of people and planet.  We are eager to connect with others interested in bridging the gap between building and the natural world, and working towards a restorative and just future for all.


SHED is located in Thunder Bay Ontario, on the north shore of Lake Superior.  Thunder Bay is situated on the traditional territory of the Ojibwe people of Fort William First Nation, signatory to the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850. We acknowledge the rights and traditions of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit who reside in this territory and across the nation.

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